Monday, June 28, 2021


Hal Peters & The String Dusters are:
Hal Peters - Vocals
Eino Rastas - Strummin' The Lead Guitar
Timo Uimonen - Riding The Bullfiddle
Jussi Huthakangas - Swingin' The Pedal Steel
Heikki Kangasniemi - Playin' The Fiddle
Mike Salminen - Beatin' The Bongos

Hal Peters and his String Dusters started their band November 3, 1984 as a trio who focused their eye to authentic rockabilly music as it was played in the 1950s. Their repetoire included material from Sid King, Janis Martin, George "Thumper" Jones, Carl Perkins and Buddy Holly. The band became popular pretty fast and they played many gigs in Scandinavia, exspecially in their hometown Suomi. Many record companies were interested in putting them on their label but the young Goofin' label won the race and their first cassette "On The Move" was in the pipeline a short time later. After that, the Sunjay Record Company from Sweden arranged their debut album "Snatch It And Grab It" on Moondog Records in 1986. In the meantime the band changed from a trio to a quartet and included a drummer. Many gigs in Europe and the U.S. followed and the band started to back-up stars like Ray Campi, Joe Clay and Hayden Thompson and the Swedish Hank Edwards at their recordings and on their tours in Europe! In the late 1980s the band changed more and more to western swing but never forgot their rockabilly roots! In 1994 the bandname changed from Hal Peters Trio to Hal Peters & His Countrymen, they were now a six piece combo and a short time later they changed their name again to Hal Peters & His String Dusters.

The Hal Peters Trio/Countrymen/String Dusters Band recorded at least six albums between 1986 and 2004 and nine 45s on labels like Goofin, Rockabilly Record Company and Bluelight, where their latest album Western Standard Time appeared.

Western Standard Time is a great mixture of western swing, hillybilly and rockabilly music and includes three own compositions. It shows that this band is a real professional combo and really will rock and swing your local barndances and record hops! And if you ever should get the chance to see them live in your area, you better put on your boots, grab your gal, start your '53 Pick-up truck and head for the city! But don't forget to feed the pigs and cows first! A really highly recommended release and a real diamond in your Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly collection! So let it go Daddie-O!


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