Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Lеgends - High Towers (2001)

Line up:
Denny Woolridge,
Ralph Schwartz,
Larry Swartzwelder,
Larry Sadler,
Dan Hartman,
Dave Hartman.

The Legends — Milwaukee's Legends, that is — have become precisely that in their hometown and neighboring parts of Wisconsin, and with good reason. They started out in 1961, or possibly a little earlier, playing a tough brand of rockabilly-flavored rock & roll, and when the British Invasion hit three years later, they were able to switch gears without losing a beat, to a slightly heavier guitar sound and three-part harmony singing that emulated the work of the Beatles and, even more so, the Searchers. Of course, as blessed as they were musically, they were cursed with a name that was as ubiquitous as it was cool, and forced them into awkward shifts and additions in their billings when they played certain parts of the country in competition with local talent with ... Read More...

CD 1:
1. High Towers 2. Fever Games 3. Jefferson Strongbox 4. Gone April Gone 5. Yes, Someone Called Me 6. Circle Rise 7. Marianne Summer 8. Someobody Else 9. Deception 10. Sometimes I Can't Help It 11. Rock and Roll Woman 12. Problems 13. Full Moon 14. Great Day 15. Sole Rider 16. Baby Get Your Head Screwed On 17. Why 18. Keep on Running 19. Cheating 20. Jefferson Strongbox 21. Concert Radio Spot 22. To Make a Legend
CD 2:
1. Set Me Free 2. Last Time, The 3. Bells of Rhymney, The 4. All I Really Want to Do 5. She Left Me 6. You Were on My Mind 7. Laugh at Me 8. Shakin' All Over 9. I Need You 10. I'm Gonna Make You Mine 11. Shapes of Things 12. I'll Always Love You 13. Medley 14. Why 15. Norwegian Wood 16. If I Needed Someone 17. You Really Got Me 18. Summer in the City 19. My Little One 20. I'm a Believer 21. Don't Bring Me Down 22. Winter's Day, A 23. Mr Dieingly Sad 24. Keep on Running 25. Louie Louie 26. Legends Jam 27. Sad & Blue 28. Tripeline


  1. Greetings, Would you be so kind & please re-post?

    Thanks & God Bless.

    Rich Stempkoski

  2. The first two singles are great. I liked less the late-sixties stuff (tracks 1-15). CD 2 is nice. Thank you very much.


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