Sunday, June 20, 2021

The Beethoven Soul - The Beethoven Soul (1967)

" Six piece brass band, who came from L.A. (according to Fuzz Acid and Flower), despite the Al Kooper’s   composition “New York's My Home”. 
The band formed round 1966 and release their sole –self titled- album in 1967, sounding close to psychedelic sunshine, baroque pop, sometimes flirting with more garage beats.
After their disbanded in 1970, Lambert, Lewis and Hale all went on to play together in Pollution, a late '60s L.A.-based rock band with jazz undertones. "

Andrea Kouratou – strings
Bill Powell — guitar
John Lambert – bass
Dick Lewis – brass, keyboards
Otis Hale — woodwind instruments
Terry Nu – drums, percussion

"Kind of garage-ish stuff mixed with classical elements like flute, violin and lots of harpsichord. At times the singer has a little Roger Daltry in his voice, raspy and cool."

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