Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BROTHERHOOD - BROTHERHOOD ( Ex-Paul Revere & Raiders - 1968)

Drake / Fang/ and Smitty all formed a group after leaving the Raiders called The Brotherhood. They recorded two albums on RCA
Bassist, Phil "Fang" Volk toured with Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band before going on to write the score for numerous films and national commercials. He has produced his own group, "The Brotherhood" on RCA Victor, as well as "The Great Crowd" on Lute Records. For nine years, Phil performed the lead role in the Broadway musical-styled play, "A Blast From the Past", as well as a seven-year stint at Disneyland and Disney World as bandleader of "The Friendship Train". Drake Levin went on to a solo career, as well as joining Phil Volk and Mike Smith as a member of Brotherhood and as a highly in-demand studio musician, playing with Lee Michaels and Emmit Rhoades. One of the premiere blues guitarists in the San Francisco area, Drake was playing with The Curtis Lawson Band as of 2002. After Mike "Smitty" Smith left the Raiders in May 1967, he went on to form "Brotherhood" with Volk and Levin. They released three albums for RCA, but contractual obligations with Columbia caused problems which led to Brotherhood's obscurity. Smitty was very involved in both the financial and creative aspects of Brotherhood and co-wrote nearly every song on the first two albums. After leaving Brotherhood, Smitty again became a Raider from early 1971 until December 1972. He performed on the band's only Number One hit, "Indian Reservation" and also participated on their last Columbia album, "Country Wine". Smitty reunited a few times with the Raiders over the years, but sadly, died of natural causes at his home in Hawaii on March 6, 2001, at the age of 58. (Paul Revere and the Raiders )
1.Somebody2.Woman Unkind3.Pastel Blue4.Close The Door5.Doin' The Right Thing6.Seasons7.Love For Free8.Lady Faire9.Ice Cream10.Jump Out The Window11.Box Guitar12.Forever

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