Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Mops - Psychedelic Sound In Japan 1968



"The Mops" were formed in 1966 under the influence by "The Ventures" and performed instrumentals only. In 1967 the band began to perform in Tokyo and its suburbs. At first the band played in beat style according to their contract. When contract ended the band went in psychedelic style. As loud it was said - "The Mops" called themselves as the first psychedelic band in Japan! In November 1967 the band released debut single with great song "Asamade Matenai", which had success in Japanese charts. Then this song will open their debut album. As for me - this song is most powerful in album. And the debut album was released in April 1968 and called "Psychedelic Sounds In Japan". Album mostly consists of songs covers on "The Animals", "Jefferson Airplane", "The Doors" and others' hits. Sound in album pure western. Vocal is slightly ruff, but all together is nice to listen!


Psychedelic Sound In Japan (Colezo! )

01 - asamade matenai02 - san franciscan nights03 - i am just a mops04 - inside looking out05 - the letter06 - blind bird (please kill me)07 - somebody to love08 - bera yo isoge09 - white rabbit10 - asahi yo saraba11 - light my fire12 - kienai omoi aka anthem


THE MOPS Psychedelic Sounds In Japan - album, originally released in 1968; The Mops were Japan's premier psychedelic group in the late 60s, and were very influenced by the emerging San Francisco/West Coast scene, as indicated by their covers of The Doors and Jefferson Airplane, but they also produced their own incredible original songs, such as 'I'm Just A Mops', 'Blind Bird`.


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