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LES VARIATIONS - 4 albums ! ! ! France ! ! !

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Les Variations was a French rock band from the 1960s and 1970s that sang in English and was known for its rock guitar based music. Often, their songs and compositions contained hints of North African and Jewish Sephardic melodies as well as the Hebrew songs of the band members’ youth.

Also known as Variations
Origin France
Genre(s) Rock and roll Rhythm and blues Blues Middle Eastern
Years active 1968 — 1975
Label(s) Magic, EMI/Pathé Records
Les Variations
Robert Fitoussi ; Marc Tobaly ; “Petit Pois” Grande ; Isaac “Jacky” Bitton
Former members:
Joe Leb
All three members were Moroccan Jews. Joe Leb was on vocals, Marc Tobaly played guitar, Jacques “Petit Pois” Grande played bass, and Isaac “Jacky” Bitton was on drums. Leb was later replaced by Tunisian born Robert Fitoussi.
Les Variations signed with EMI/Pathé Records in 1969. Some argue that Les Variations is one of the best known rock groups from France, largely in part to commercial successes during their decade-long span. Between 1969 and 1973, they released the bulk of their albums. They often mimicked traits of the Rolling Stones, The Who and Led Zeppelin.
By 1974 they adopted a more popular style and signed with an American label. It was then that they introduced sounds and styles taken from their Moroccan heritages, exemplified in the album Moroccan Roll. The band broke up in 1975.
Over the course of their career, Les Variations opened for Bachman Turner Overdrive, Kiss, The Jimi Hendri Experience, Cream, Taste, and Aerosmith, among other well-known bands of their era.

Nador (1969)
Take It Or Leave It (1971)
Moroccan Roll (1973)
Cafe de Paris (1974)
Les Variations - Nador (1969)
1. What a mess again2. Waiting for the Pope3. Nador4. We gonna find the way5. Generations6. Free me7. Completely free8. Mississipi woman9. But it's allright
Les Variations - Take It Or Leave It (1971)
01. Help Me Marianne02. Silver Girl03. Make You Mine04. All I Want To Know05. Take The Time To Live06. Walk Right Down07. Rock 'n' Roll Jet08. I Need Somebody09. If I Can Do It10. C'mon Joe


1. Moroccan Roll2. I Don't Know Why3. Did it4. KasbahTadla5. Growing Stronger6. Lord(Give me Money)7. Leslie Lust8. Sanglots(Tears)




1- I Don'T Know Where She'Ll Go2 - Sit Back Home Again3- Superman Superman4 - Maybe Forever5 - Come Now6 - Berberian Wood7 - It'S All Right8 - Everybody Got The Blues9 - Shemoot (The Prayer)



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