Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Paul Revere & The Raiders - The Essential Ride '63-'67

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No other rock & roll band has experienced the rollercoaster ups and downs in reputation that Paul Revere & the Raiders have known across 40 years in music. One of the most popular and entertaining groups of the 1960s, they enjoyed 10 years of serious chart action, and during their three biggest years (1966-69) got as much radio play as any group of that decade, sold records in numbers second only to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and received nearly as much coverage in the music press of the period (which included a lot of teen fan magazines) as the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. Yet when most histories of rock started getting written, Paul Revere & the Raiders were scarcely mentioned -- at best, they were usually a footnote to the boom years of the late '60s NEXT AND MORE :
1. Louie, Louie
2. Mojo Workout
3. Over You
4. Crisco Party/Walking The Dog
5. Steppin' Out
6. Just Like Me
7. I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
8. Kicks
9. Ballad Of A Useless Man
10. Louie, Go Home
11. Take A Look At Yourself
12. Hungy
13. (You're A) Bad Girl
14. Louise
15. The Great Airplane Strike
16. In My Community
17. Good Thing
18. Why Why Why (Is It So Hard)
19. Ups & Downs
20. Him Or Me-What's It Gonna Be

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