Monday, October 06, 2008

The Fourmost- The Best Of REUPLOAD

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The Fourmost were one of the best Merseyside groups of the early 60s and might have had an even better chart record than they had if they hadn't suffered more than their share of bad luck. This splendid set reminds us just how outstanding they were. There are 33 tracks here and, considering that they had only 6 chart entries (which are all included here, with the respective B sides), one might have expected to have to make allowance for some makeweight items. But this isn't the case at all--virtually everything of every style is of high quality in all departments. Almost all the tracks are the originals but one or two later ones sound like re-recordings. This is a fine memento of the group's varied repertoire and acts as a worthy memorial to two of the group who are no longer with us, Mike Millward and Brian O'Hara.
In the words of the overworked title, all the hits and more.This is the definitive collection, if you like the Fourmost you are bound to enjoy this album.. All the regulars are there,Hello Little girl,Alittle lovin,I'm in love,baby I need your lovin and the rest. Also the slightly bizarre,Aunty Maggies remedy, Girls, girls, girls. But this is the Fourmost, their original stage routine consisted of a number of comedy songs. A Fourmost fan? Then this is for you, and its long overdue
1. Hello Little Girl
2. Just In Case
3. I'm In Love
4. Respectable
5. I Love You Too
6. Little Loving
7. Waiting For You
8. How Can I Tell Her
9. You Got That Way
10. Baby I Need Your Loving
11. That's Only What They Say
12. He Could Never
13. My How The Time Goes By
14. Girls Girls Girls
15. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
16. Till You Say You'll Be Mine
17. Yakety Yak
18. My Block
19. So Fine
20. Some Kind Of Wonderful
21. Girl Can't Help It
22. Today I'm In Love
23. In Crowd
24. Baby Sittin' Boogie
25. Heebie Jeebies
26. Sure To Fall (In Love With You)
27. Everything In The Garden
28. Stop
29. Here There And Everywhere
30. You've Changed
31. Dawn
32. Turn The Lights Down
33. Auntie Maggie's Remedy

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