Monday, October 06, 2008

The Mojos - Everythings Alright (singles 1963-1967)

Known mostly (if at all) in the States for doing the original version of "Everything's Alright" (covered by David Bowie on his Pin Ups album), the Mojos were one of the best Liverpool groups of the British Invasion. Besides "Everything's Alright" — a Top Ten raver in the U.K. — they never scored any other British hits of note, though a couple squeezed into the Top 30. Bob Conrad (drums), Keith Karlson (bass), Stu James (vocals, harmonica), and Adrian Wilkinson (guitar) had first gotten together in the early '60s as the Nomads — though based in Liverpool, they were a bit different from most of the other Merseyside bands in that their first love was American blues rather than R&B and rock & ... Read More...
The Mojos
Stu James - vocals (born Stuart Slater)
Nicky Crouch - guitar/vocals
Terry O'Toole - piano
Keith Karlson - bass guitar
Bob Conrad - drums

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