Thursday, October 23, 2008

Iron Butterfly - Rare Flight (1991)


by Steve Huey
- Doug Ingle / keyboards, vocals
- Ron Bushy / drums, guitar
- Jerry Penrod / bass guitar
- Darryl DeLoach / vocals
- Danny Weis / guitar
- Erik Brann / guitar, vocals, bass guitar
- Lee Dorman / bass, drums

The heavy, psychedelic acid rock of Iron Butterfly may seem dated to some today, but the group was one of the first hard rock bands to receive extensive radio airplay, and their best-known song, the 17-minute epic "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida," established that more extended compositions were viable entries in the radio marketplace, paving the way for progressive AOR. The track was written by vocalist, organist, and bandleader Doug Ingle, who formed the first incarnation of Iron Butterfly in 1966 in San Diego with drummer Ron Bushy. After the group moved to Los Angeles and played the club scene, it secured a recording contract and got national exposure through tours with the Doors and Jefferson Airplane... Read More...
01. Possession 02. Unconscious Power 03. Get Out of My Life, Woman 04. Gentle as It May Seem 05. You Can't Win 06. So-Lo 07. Look for the Sun 08. Fields of Sun 09. Stamped Ideas 10. Iron Butterfly Theme 11. In the Times of Our Lives 12. Soul Experience 13. Lonely Boy (Dedicated to Duneya West) 14. Real Fright 15. In the Crowds 16. It Must Be Love 17. Her Favorite Style 18. Filled With Fear 19. Belda-Beast
Rare Flight is a greatest hits compilation released in 1988 during the 40th anniversary of Atlantic Records. This compilation includes Iron Butterfly's songs from their first and third albums: Heavy and Ball.
Which is to say it's basically a two-fer of the "Heavy" and "Ball" releases. I was thrown by the "rare" in the title--actually there are two or three rare tracks that could have been included here. Two of them are on the "extra tracks" release of "Ball". Now if only someone did a box set! (

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