Monday, May 03, 2021

V.A. - The Scorpio Records Story (Nuggets From The Golden State)

The Berkeley-based Fantasy label, known primarily for jazz, made some limited forays into the San Francisco Bay Area rock scene, though only one of its acts (Creedence Clearwater Revival) had a notable impact. This 27-cut anthology collects material recorded for its Scorpio subsidiary in the mid-'60s. It's mostly average garage pop-rock, heavy on the British Invasion influence, most notable for the appearance on CD of nine tracks by The Golliwogs (who would later become Creedence). The Newcastle Five featured future Cold Blood singer Lydia Pense, but aside from that, there's no reason for anyone but collectors to go out of their way to find this.
1. Brown-Eyed Girl - The Golliwogs

2. You Better Be Careful - The Golliwogs

3. Boots - The Spokes

4. Stop Calling Me - Group “B”

5. She’s Gone - Group “B”

6. Time - The Tokays

7. Hole In The Wall - The Tokays

8. It’s Up To You - The Shillings

9. Made You Cry - The Shillings

10. Fight Fire - The Golliwogs

11. Fragile Child - The Golliwogs

12. Losin’ You -The Newcastle Five

13. Yes I’m Cryin’ - The Newcastle Five

14. I Know Your Name Girl - Group “B”

15. I Never Really Knew - Group “B”

16. Gotta Get Away - William Penn & His Pals

17. Blow My Mind - William Penn & His Pals

18. Far And Away - William Penn & His Pals

19. Walking On The Water - The Golliwogs

20. You Better Get It Before It Gets You - The Golliwogs

21. Weatherman - The Tears

22. Read All About It - The Tears

23. Anyhow Anywhere - The Squires

24. It Must Be Love - The Squires

25. Rat Race - The Tears

26. People Through My Glasses - The Tears

27. Call It Pretending - The Golliwogs


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  2. Great record, but I think it's part of a box set. Greetings

  3. Thanks for sharing this great collection!

  4. I've got most, if not all, of this this series in flac, if there's any you want.

    1. Hi thingybob. Thank you very much for the suggestion. I have all 30 volumes of this series in 320 quality, which suits me personally. But if someone wants to accept this gift on Flac from you - why not ... My Best wishes.

  5. firefox went weird then so i might of double posted.

    I've got it at 33 volumes


  6. Hello thingybob.
    I have a request for you ... Could you share a list of volumes in this series that you have? Thanks in advance.


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