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V.A. - Gentlemen De Paris

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Gentlemen de Paris: Groovy Sounds from the 60's

A great look at a much-neglected side of the 60s pop scene in Paris – the male contribution to the yeh-yeh pop years, often overlooked in favor of more famous work by female artists! The groove here is great – very much in the style of the excellent Femme De Paris series – with a focus on harder-grooving numbers from 60s France – all awash in mod rhythms, heavy guitars, and a great blend of Anglo rock and dreamier French pop influences! The late 60s work of Jacques Dutronc would be a good point of comparison for much of this material – although many of the tracks are by artists we've never heard before – pulled from an assortment of rare singles and 4 track eps. Titles include "Dis-nous Dylan" by 5 Gentlemen, "My Name Is Eduard" by Edouard, "Elles Ne Veulent Pas De Moi" by Les 1515, "Une Fille Mais Qu'Est Que C'Est" by Les Anges, "Pas Question" by Eric Charden, "Le Jour La Nuit Le Jour" by Les Lionceux, "Ma Theorie" by Steff, "Changement De Main" by Claude Richi, and "Boomerang" by Jean-Claude Brialy & Serge 

01. ANTOINE ET LES PROBLEMES - Contre-elecubrations problematiques 
02. LES LIONCEAUX - Le jour, la nuit, le jour 
03. ERIC CHARDEN - Pas question 
05. LARRY GRECO - Je m?en vais demain 
06. ERICK SAINT-LAURENT - Le temps d?y penser 
07. CLAUDE RIGHI - Changement de main 
08. STEFF - Ma theorie 
09. EDOUARD - My name is Edouard 
10. LES CHABROLL,S - N?y touches pas 
11. LES 1515 - Elles ne veulent pas de moi 
12. JACQUES FILH - Je drague au drug 
13. LES ANGES - Une fille mais qu?est ce que c?est 
14. FRANCOIS FABRICE - Si tu pouvais me voir 
15. DANY MORYANN - Non ce n?est pas notre faute 
16. LES GYPSYS - Proletaire 
17. 5 GENTLEMEN - Dis-nous Dylan

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