Thursday, April 09, 2015

Jan Rhode & The Adventures - Same (1965) & Come'n Shake (1966)

Norwegian singer with Swedish group, that recorded the following songs in Finland

Jan Rohde (lead singer)
Johnny Lundin (lead guitar),
Christer Hedin (rhythm guitar),
Olle Nordström (bass guitar),
Kurt Mattsson (drums).

Swedish band The Adventurers is a band , which was founded in 1962 in Sweden . To its original configuration consisted of Johnny Lundin (lead guitar), Christer Hedin (rhythm guitar), Olle Nordström (bass guitar) and Kurt Mattsson (drums). The vocal soloist's of Lenne Broberg or Jan Rohde.

When the band was on tour in 1963 in Finland, drew Erik Lindström to record a separate company Finndisc . The summer of 1963 the band recorded the song "The Wind", which is better known as Helena Siltalan representation of the name "Wind brings, the wind." Single's B-side was "You got mold in flowers of May" (Greensleeves). Letkajenkkakuumeen rise, The Adventurers was very up to date and recorded his first jenkkasinglensä Kukkuva guitar / Letkajenkka. This may be said to have been a Swedish band quite a bit "in charge" letkajenkkavillityksen spread of Finland. At the end of the band was at the peak of its popularity.

When Lenne Broberg went to the army, he was replaced by Norwegian singer Jan Rohde . He and The Adventurers in 1963 recorded the single Doin 'The Jenka, which became a huge success, and in 1964 was the number one record sales statistics. The following winners were At The Jenka Show and Finnjenka.

When Jan Rohde returned to Finland in 1966, was the band's style changed in the direction of progressive rock. At a show in Ostrobothnia came to pass that, as well as the band's drummer, Jan got a cold bath Kyröjoki, the tango music to another audience accustomed to not at all have been heard.

In 1981, The Adventurers tried again, but now the revival of Finnish popular music terms. They recorded the LP-wire versions of an album Finnish hit songs such as "Lily Flower", "The morning brought, the evening took" and "For you I want to be gentle." Levy does not therefore successful in the wrong because of the timing. Jan Rohde regularly visited Finland in various 1960s nostalgia events.


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