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The Rainbow Press - There´s A War On & Sunday Funnies (1968-69)

Бывшие участники школьного ансамбля Specs, уже став студентами разных колледжей объединились летом 1968 года и подписали контракт с лейблом “MR. G”. Коллектив состоял из Marc Ellis (гитара, вокал), Dave Troup (бас, вокал), Dave Groff (лидер-вокал, перкуссия), Larry Milton (электрическое фортепьяно, акустическая гитара, вокал), Charlie Osborne (орган, вокал) и Bill Yergin (барабаны). Результатом такой «летней практики» стал выход сингла и альбома. Пластинка имела хороший сбыт и лейбл настоял на продолжении сессий для следующего релиза. Запись состоялась в Рождественские каникулы в студии A&M Records в Нью-Йорке. Возможности современного оборудования студии, позволили музыкантам раскрыться и записать качественный материал – на диске появился Хаммонд-орган, различные эффекты и гармонические построения. Хотя музыка группы не уходила от господствующего поп-рока с налетом модных психоделических влияний, можно заявить о потенциальных лидерах своего времени. Увы, участники группы после записи отошли от музыки. 

"Rainbow Press" started in 1968 by NY college students - Marc Ellis (guitar), Bill Yergin (percussion), Joe Groff, Larry Milton( electric piano + guitar), Dave Troup ((bass) and Charlie Osborne (organ). Called at the beginning "Continental Divide" it was formed, let's say, for self-amusement and as summer entertainment. Instead they got spotted and signed by Audio Fidelity Records for their Mr.G label, changed the name to "Rainbow Press" and recorded debut album in the studio of Radio City Music Hall. The record company definitely was after another "great thing", trying desperately to cash in on the new music trend.
The artwork is close to Thick As a Brick.
Basically this is melodic (or soft) rock,influenced to a certain extend by sunshine pop/surf, with an inclination towards mild and mellow psychedelia - pleasant melodies, a bit melancholic, nice vocal harmonies - not disturbing, not surprising. It would not offend your taste, but it wouldn't excite it either.
"The RP has managed to excite the entire recording world with its stylistic approach to contemporary lyric writing. The musical message created by the group is strong but it is also complimentary to the listener's tase" - usual gross exaggeration from sleeve notes. The album didn't chart, and I know nothing about its impact on music industry and audience. Anyway, the label pushed for the second album - "Sunday Funnies" (1969), another minor collectable.
In brief, both albums are complimentary - to complete the collection. Good for family consumption
It sounds as converted directly from vinyl which might be the case - the Cd is a bootleg by Radioactive
By Golovanov Alexey

Band Members 

Marc Ellis: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals 
Joe Groff: Lead Vocals, Percussion (Tambourine, Maracas, Recorder & Oboe)
Larry Milton: Electric Piano, 12 String Guitar, Vocals
Charlie Osborne: Organ, Vocals
Dave Troup: Electric Bass, Vocals
Billy Yergin: Percussion, Drums

Band Discography 

The Rainbow Press - There's A War On 1968 
The Rainbow Press - Sunday Funnies 1969

2 albums from 1968 and 1969 on 1 CD

Both albums are excellent soft rock with touches of psychedelia, particularly the first one, which is beginning to become a minor collectable.

For an album that's becoming a minor collectable, remarkably little is known about Rainbow Press, other than the band recorded two late '60s albums (There's A War On & Sunday Funnies) for the mysterious Mr. G label. the album itself is excellent late '60s soft rock with more than just a touch of psychedelia about it. The ten well-crafted songs are all original, and are delivered smoothly by a tight 6-piece band dominated by Joe Groff's superb vocals

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