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The Twistin' Kings ‎– Twistin' The World Around (1961) 2

The Twistin’ Kings were one of the many aliases of the Motown house band, the Funk Brothers. In late 1961, Motown president Berry Gordy wanted to capitalise on the Twist dance craze sweeping America, and marketed an LP of Twist tunes called Twistin’ the World Around, credited to the Twistin’ Kings. In fact, the album was the work of the in-house musicians, and despite Motown lifting two singles from it, Twistin’ the World Around quickly disappeared in an overcrowded Christmas market – but it’s prized today for some of the musical performances.

Twistin' the World Around 1961

The second album release on Motown (Tamla started two years earlier)was a bad attempt to capitalize on the Twist craze. This "group" was probably the same session musicians who had earlier cut a single on Tamla as the Swinging Tigers. Sax players Thomas "Bean" Bowles and Ron Wakefield played prominent roles in these unsuccessful ventures. Two tracks "Twist Ala B.G." (Berry Gordy), and "Twisting Ales Style," name for Barney Ales (promotions) suggests a manufactured or studio group. Motown released two singles by the Twistin' Kings "White House Twist/Christmas Twist" (11/27/61), and "Congo Twist Parts 1 & 2" (12/18/61) - a little more than two weeks apart, both flopped. The tracks are similar except for the titles and the honky tonk sax sound is prominent throughout.

Original tracks:

1. The Twistin' Kings - Old Folks Twist
2. The Twistin' Kings - White House Twist
3. The Twistin' Kings - Twistin' the World Around
4. The Twistin' Kings - Twist Ala B.G.
5. The Twistin' Kings - Flying Circle Twist
6. The Twistin' Kings - Mexican Twist
7. The Twistin' Kings - Congo Twist
8. The Twistin' Kings - Xmas Twist
9. The Twistin' Kings - Twistin' Ales Style

Plus on  Remastered Album :

10. The Twistin' Kings - Let's Twist Again
11. The Twistin' Kings - White House Twist


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