Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Du-Cats ‎– The Du-Cats (1965)

Bob Battiste, Claude Caines, Cyril Brown, Eddie Eastman, Edward Rowsell, Jim Crewe, Joe Boulos, Lewis Skinner, Roger Skinner , Winston Blackmore

In 1965, The Du-Cats recorded the second (first were The Keatniks) rock and roll album by a Newfoundlander. Nicknamed "The Tartan Album" (the band members wore the Newfoundland Tartan blazers), the album had three different pressings, with two different covers. The first pressing was a mono pressing on RCA PC-1018. It had ""Hey Woman" and "Stay Awhile", are included in this album" written on the back (although the album did not have these tracks on it). This misprint was quickly fixed for the next mono pressing. The second pressing was stereo and was released on RCA PCS 1018. Although they all shared the same photo, the second pressing was zoomed in a bit further.

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