Wednesday, July 21, 2021

A-Cads - Hungry For Love (1966)

South Africa had relatively few rock bands in the mid-'60s who were playing energetic rock & roll in the British Invasion style. The A-Cads were one of them, sounding and looking like some of the rawer R&B-based British bands of the time. That's the good news. The bad news is that virtually everything on their sole LP, 1966's Hungry for Love, is a cover, usually of the kind of R&B and soul covered by British bands like the Rolling Stones in their early days. The A-Cads do play these both tough and well -- unlike many U.S. garage bands or Continental European bands playing in the style from a geographical and cultural remove, these sound like they pretty much could have fit in as filler on a British Invasion band LP of the time by a decent (yet not great) group. But, to be heartless, almost none of their interpretations match the originals or the best covers of these songs, making this pretty inessential for those collecting on the basis of quality rather than rarity. The exception, perhaps, is "Hungry for Love," done with more raunch than the U.K. hit version by Johnny Kidd & the Pirates (or the version by the Searchers). The 1999 CD reissue adds four similar, if not as well produced, cuts from the acetate of an unreleased EP, as well as three tracks from a solo album (This Strange Effect) done by guitarist Hank Squires shortly before the A-Cads formed. Note that this CD includes most but not all of the A-Cads' recorded output, missing a few tracks that appeared on mid-'60s singles.


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