Monday, April 23, 2018

VA - Marshmallow Skies (60s Pop Stars Flirt With Psychedelia)

"Turn the time machine back fifty years for a groovy 80 minute trip: Marshmallow Skies is a turned-on look into established 60s pop artists’ forays and experiments with the psychedelic music scene. Listen as stars of sixties flirt with psych instrumentation coupled with lyrics about peace and love. It’ll blow your mind in 28 different pieces, man."
Check out Teensville Records in NSW, AU they have put together some great 60's records!


  1. Hi, the archive flac number 21 is failed ( Lesley Gore ) I was just trying to tell you.

    1. 21 - Lesley Gore - Say What You See

  2. gone '=( can not find alternative sources..damn


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