Tuesday, January 12, 2021

VA - Louie Louie & the History of Northwest Rock & Radio

The story, as told by Jerden Records founder and record producer Jerry Dennon, on this DVD begins in the early 1960s and encompasses the music, recordings, record labels, radio personalities and of course Louie Louie . It features the artists that were recording and performing at the great teen dance halls in the Pacific Northwest: Sonics, Kingsmen, Don & The Goodtimes, Ian Whitcomb, Bards, Bandits, Sir Raleigh and the Coupons, Pageboys, Dave Lewis, Frantics, Danny O Keefe, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Dimensions, Springfield Rifle, The Bumps, Merrilee Rush, Fleetwoods, The Wailers. Some of the Air-Personalities that teens were listening to on KJR & KOL in Seattle and KISN & KGW in Portland: Tom Murphy, Red Robinson, Burl Barer, Dick Curtis. Included are video clips, audio recordings, photos, testimonials and interviews. It s the story behind the Northwest Sound that had a hold on the Seattle-Portland-Spokane area for just a few years in the 1960s and 1970s. Teens flocked to the dance venues......listened religiously to their local Top Forty radio stations.......purchased records being released by the area labels: Jerden, Dolton, Etiquette, Seafair Bolo. It was a span of about a decade that can never be repeated. But the story lives in the hearts and minds of those who were there and those who were creating, producing, recording, performing, broadcasting and enjoying an era that goes down in the history books of the Pacific Northwest.

01. Kingsmen-Louie Louie 
02. Dave Lewis-Lip Service 
03. Dave Lewis-David's Mood 
04. Don & The Goodtimes-Jolly Green Giant 
05. Viceroys-Fog Cutter 
06. Little Bill-I Love An Angel 
07. Bards-The Owl And The Pussycat 
08. Ron Holden-Love You So 
09. Sonics-The Witch 
10. Sonics-Maintaining My Cool 
11. Sonics-I'm A Man 
12. Sonics-Psycho 
13. Don & The Goodtimes-I Could Be So Good To You 
14. Danny O'keefe-That Old Sweet Song 
15. Danny O'keefe-Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues 
16. Ian Whitcomb-You Turn Me On 
17. Liberty Party-Send For Me 
18. Bandits-Little Sally Walker 
19. Ian Whitcomb-The Sporting Life 
20. Juveniles-Bo Diddley 
21. Woody Carr-Peace Dance 
22. Sir Raleigh And The Coupons-The White Cliffs Of Dover 
23. New Yorkers-Seeds Of Spring 
24. Pageboys-Our Love 
25. Dimensions-She's Boss 
26. Bards-Never Too Much Love 
27. Beachcombers-Purple Peanuts 
28. Springfield Rifle-I Love Her 
29. Bumps-Please Come Down 
30. Gil Bateman-Daddy Walked In Darkness 
31. Sonics-High Time 
32. Mercy Boys-Long Tall Shorty 
33. Brothers Four-Yesterday Once More 




  1. https://mega.nz/file/C08nSaZI#lBxFnCEJ6uSEf_jUTYzHArCOsGE_Erp4GMdhK92ABUw

    1. Thank you Robert. This is a real gift.

  2. Many thanks D&J and Robert Charbonnier for these greats Northwest rocks!


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