Saturday, January 16, 2021

Electron - Surf 1965-1970 Russia (ex USSR)

In 1963, the Yunost radio station introduced the audience to a young pop group - the Electron quartet. “We decided to call our ensemble that way,” wrote the lider  of “Electron” Valery Prikazchikov, “not only because it is based on power tools. Electron "to some extent expresses these aspirations of ours."  "Electron" was  be  one of the most popular pop group, successfully performing in many cities of the country with solo programs and with famous pop artists. True, its composition has changed over the years, hence the other name - "New Electron". Its artistic director is still Valery Prikazchikov (electric guitar), the rest of the participants - V. Gerkulenko (organ), V. Pankratov (drums), V. Zaikin (bass guitar). The main thing in the repertoire of the "New Electron" is pop and dance...

1. Vernis' 
2. Melodiya iz k/f "Bum" 
3. Solnechnye chasy 
4. Veselye turisty 
5. Chetyre orbity 
6. Vechernie teni 
7. Melodiya iz k/f "Sherburgskie zontiki" 
8. Posmotri 
9. Dom voshodyaschego solntsa 
10. Novyj tanets 
11. Kolybel'naya Svetlane 
12. Vatussi 
13. Grezy 
14. Shagi v nochi 
15. Bystree zvuka 
16. Ten' tvoey ulybki 
17. Solnechnyj zaychik 
18. Vechnoe dvizhenie 

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