Saturday, January 16, 2021

Mosvichi (группа Москвичи) - Live in "Vremena Goda" hall (USSR)

Talking about rock 'n' roll Moscow, one cannot but recall the beat-group "Moskvichi", which was born in the house number 6 on Universitetsky Prospect, in the apartment where the Shapovalov brothers lived: Victor, Vladimir and Valery...

Members :

Viktor SHapovalov - drums
Vladimir SHapovalov - rhythm guitar
Valerij SHapovalov - solo guitar
Aleksej Cejtlin - bass guitars

Auto-translate article "VALEROCK: ТИПО МОЯ «ЖИЗНЬ В ИСКУССТВЕ».

"  It became impossible to rehearse with drums at home and we had to find a base. As a result, the club * "Krasnaya Roza" at the Moscow textile factory, which is on the street. Timur Frunze, became the base of our group, which we called "Moskvichi". Since 1965, we began to rehearse there, and for this we played free dances for the factory workers on holidays. The group consisted of us, three brothers Shapovalovs (Victor (drums), Valery (solo guitar) and Vladimir (rhythm guitar)), and Vladik played on the electric organ. After he left, we decided to play without organ at all.

* "Red Rose" club

In our group, sometimes different individual singers sang, but still we gravitated towards instrumental music ...
I recently visited the Central Park of Culture and Leisure. Gorky and stood for a little while at the two-storey building of the ** Vremena Goda cafe. Today everything looks like after the atomic bombing, but earlier, in the late 60s, this was the only place in Moscow where a beat group played every day. And this was our group “Moskvichi"

** "Seasons" hall


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