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The Philosophers ‎– After Sundown Getting Down (1970)

"...  It is the Philosofers After Sundown Lp from 1970 that is not easy to find. I have no blog where to publish it. You can do it " ~ cuorediformaggio

The album is really rare.
With title is not entirely clear ..
On Discogs it's After Sundown Getting Down
On Allmusic it's After Sundown ...
Nevertheless, the album deserves attention for its singularity and sound. Share your view...

1.The Law Of Love
2.What Folks Would Say
3.Philosophers Mood
4.Side 2
5.In This Land After Sundown
6.Shaking My Soul
7.Baby I Care
8.Mama's Orgy
9.Do Fuga

Los Angeles group who recorded the After Sundown LP on the Philo Spectrum label in 1970.

Thanks for this - cuorediformaggio



  1. Thanks. Interesting post. Vernon Joynson says (Fuzz Acid Flowers)

    The Philosophers

    Personnel incl:

    1 AFTER SUNDOWN (Philo Spectrum PS 1001) 1970 R2

    1 The Law Of Love/Do Fuga (Philo Spectrum PS 31180) 197?

    An early seventies Los Angeles (or Louisiana) based group of Vietnam veterans produced this blues-rock album with some biting leads. There's also lots of keyboard dominance, including some instrumentals, but musically it's not terribly memorable. The album's produced by J. Gibson and arranged by Harold P. Johnson (who also seems to have been part of the multi-racial quintet, which included two blacks). All bar one track (Baby I Care was credited to Harold Johnson) were co-wriften by J. Gibson and Harold Johnson.

    The 45 is often described as 'psych', presumably due to Do Fuga, a piece of backwards mayhem that appears to be just the 'A' side in reverse, and probably more interesting for that.

    The front cover of the album uses the same picture as White Light's LP. This was because both albums were pressed by Century records. If customers didn't have their own artwork, then the company had a selection of non-copyrighted cover art blanks from which they could choose. The odd art (resembling the contents of a fish aquarium under coloured lights) was picked up by both White Light and Philosophers coincidentally. Century also offered an outdoor scene showing an old mill wheel, which was used on many different records - the Victims Of Chance: Goin' Home Blue and Fifth Flight: Into Smoke Tree Village, to name two. Most of Century label's customers seem to have been schools / marching bands.

    (Clark Faville/Vernon Joynson)


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