Thursday, September 23, 2021

V.A. Mallorca Beat Explosión, Vols. 1 & 2 (Illa Sonora Blog)

This is my first post on this blog, and it is a bit of a test, because before I start, I have to make a list of all the thousands of albums that have appeared here so as not to repeat, so I have decided to publish a compilation in two volumes made by the blog "Illa Sonora" and that I already published on my blog two years ago.
This blog was dedicated to the music of the Island of Mallorca, in the Spanish Balearic Islands, and in its two years of life 2011 and 2012, it gave a review of all the music that was made on the island, in absolutely all musical styles .
These two volumes present the beat scene or "ye-yé" as we say in Spain, and it is surprising that on such a small island so many groups appeared, and also with a very good level.There is everything, bands singing in Spanish, Mallorcan and English, making both their own songs and versions. 
Bands that have had their name within the Spanish ye-yé, such as "Los Pops", "Runnaways", "Los Beta" or "Los 5 del Este", to name perhaps the best known.

For more information, I leave you the PAGE of the original post.


01 - Z-66 - Tryin' to get you

02 - Los Pops - No, No, No

03 - Los 5 del Este - Look at this boy

04 - Los Bohemios - Que Chica Tan Formal

05 - Los Condes - Try me

06 - Grupo 15 - El olé

07 - Los Beta - Night train

08 - Los Javaloyas - Lina

09 - Z-66 - I've Been Hurt

10 - Los Pops - Te esperaba

11 - Los 5 del este - Una noche de verano

12 - Los Bohemios - Dame Tu Cariño

13 - Los Condes - No me ilusionaré

14 - Grupo 15 - Operación Sol

15 - Los Beta - Let's go

16 - Los Javaloyas - Vuelo 502


01 - The Runaways - Corazón Lleno De Mal

02 - Los Bohemios - Suzie Q

03 - Los Telstars - Una Chica Como Tú

04 - Los Sixtars - Querida Dalila

05 - Los Millonarios - La Bamba

06 - Los Massot - Sugar Sugar

07 - Los Talayots - Fiesta

08 - Four Winds & Ditto - No Me Dejas Vivir En Paz

09 - Mike & The Runaways - Tienes Problemas, Yo También

10 - Los Bohemios - Dandy

11 - Los Telstars - La Noche Anterior

12 - Los Sixtar - Si Te Es Tan Fácil Olvidar

13 - Los Millonarios - Jardín De Rosas

14 - Los Massot - Un Rayo De Sol

15 - Los Talayots - Palabras

16 - Four Winds & Ditto - No Te Comprendo


  1. Like obscure !
    Couldn't find an entry anywhere else. Is this a private collection ?
    Thanks, Jose !

  2. Hi Josef.
    Yes is a private collection, but the ink of download is in the image final of post

  3. Felicidades por el estreno!!!
    Thanks a lot! Cheers

  4. Gracias Commendatore.
    Pues vamos a hacer algo de patria, que no hay mucho en este blog. Ya tengo en mente una colección de 33 vols. O sea que se van a empachar de españoles.

  5. Mediafire is blocking downloads because one song is findable on amazon.

    1. Hi, friend
      Mediafire sometimes gives this problem, please try again. I just downloaded it from the Mediafire website and with JDownloader, without any problem.
      Tell me if it has been solved and if the problem continues, I will send you another link.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Gill.
      I have great affection for this collection, it has been with me for ten years and I never tire of listening to it.
      It's incredible that on such a small island there were so many bands ... And how good!


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