Sunday, September 26, 2021

V.A. Grupos Españoles 1: Sprinters, Doble R (Mi colección de discos) Spanish ye-yé

Well, we are going to start an extensive collection in 33 volumes, which consists of the complete discographies of groups that never released Lps, but of great importance in Spanish ye-yé music.
This collection is a private collection that has been made many years ago by friend Lomas, a great record collector from the sixties to the present day and who dedicated himself years ago to digitizing these recordings and creating his collections, which are quite a few and very varied.
Among all of them, one that caught my attention was this one dedicated to different groups, bringing together all their recordings, both in singles and in Ep's.
I have had them as a little treasure for many years. He was publishing them on his old blogs, but in Spain it is difficult to freely publish music from the country without complaints from its authors or record companies, who seem to want to do like the pharaohs: Take their treasures to the grave and seal all the entries. In the end, the blogs closed.
Fortunately, Lomas is still active with his Melopop Music blog, although unfortunately there are no download links.
Well, this first volume is made up of two bands, Los "Sprinters" from "La Coruña" who released five Ep's and two Singles, which as usual, many versions and some own compositions, interspersing some instrumentals, and "Los Doble-R" , which were an ephemeral band from Tarragona who only had time to release this Ep, with three songs composed by Spanish composers and the last one the famous "These Boots Are Made For Walking", a song by Lee Hazlewood that led to the success of Nancy Sinatra ..
I hope you like them, and although they are at 128 kbps, they sound very, very good.

Thanks to Lomas for sharing these jewels and visiting his MELOPOP blog


  1. Look forward to these 33 compilations with Rare Spanish groups. Thanks José and Lomas

  2. Hi Rob.
    My friend Lomas is a great expert in Spanish ye-ye music.
    This is undoubtedly one of the best collections to meet bands without lp's, which were almost all of them.
    Cheers my friend

  3. Muchas gracias. me alegra verte por este blog. A la espera de nuevas entregas.

  4. Gracias por la visita Antonio, yo todavía no me creo que esté publicando aquí, intentaré hacerlolo mejor que se y ya de paso promocionar la música nuestra entre otras cosas.

  5. Gracias Jose por todas tus aportaciones!

  6. Amichi Commendatore.
    Gracias a ti por seguir y comentar en tantos blogs, mas gente como tu es lo que hace falta.
    Espero disfrutes con esta larga aventura.Saludos

  7. Hostia, Jose, otra vez voy a bajarme musica. Y de nuevo te doy las gracias y te animo a que nos decubras las joyas de las que dispone la musica española

  8. Hola Florencio.
    Pues me alegro de haberte despertado el gusanillo. Esta colección es parte de nuestra historia.

  9. Ami Jose,
    I didn't known these ones. The same level as the french or italian groups of that period = very poor for me. And I understand the words! I think you have better to offer to this blog.
    Amical salut.

  10. My friend Racati.
    Knowing you, I already knew that you would not like it, but I think it fits perfectly in the style of this blog, and has the interest that many of these albums are very difficult to find.
    Old Melodies has made a review of all especially European music, all the great artists that you admire possibly have already appeared here in their seven thousand posts
    Look at it as the mirror of an era, many people love those songs, and I know that it is difficult to connect if you are not Spanish and have lived through that era.
    Something similar happens to me with the French Etalians, which I don't connect, but ... Anatonio Moyano sent me a collection of Italian beat, really brilliant.
    Don't despair, this is just the beginning.
    Amical Salut


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