Tuesday, July 10, 2012

VA - Beat Beat Beat Vol.1-5

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By R. E. Sheehan (amazon.com)
" ... This is a fantastic series of albums, which, I came across by accident. I bought vol 4 and was so impressed that I bought the other 3 as soon as I could. The albums follow all the single releases on the Pye label through the 60s. There are a number of very well known Groups (Searchers,Kinks Rockin Berries, Overlanders etc)and a few No 1s and top 10 hits on the discs, but, for me, the real gems are tracks by those Artistes who never quite hit the big time, the best known probably being Tommy Quickly, who was part of the Brian Epstein Stable and toured with best group of all time: The Beatles.
I am amazed that some of the tracks on these cds weren't bigger hits, or even made it into the charts, but then , when you consider the talent around at the time and therefore the competition, it is maybe not too surprising.
The discs are very well produced and presented and, if like me, you are stuck, musically, in the 60s, you cannot fail to be impressed with this series.
I have just obtained vol 5 and am equally impressed.They are a worth while addition to any cd collection, but, to all 60s addicts, they are a PRICELESS addition.
You will not be disappointed... "

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