Saturday, January 19, 2013

Don Adams - Watts Happening (1969)

"..An incredible soul album, with equally incredible roots – sung by Scottish-born singer Don Adams, but recorded in the Munich scene of the late 60s! Despite that overseas origin, though, the record's a sock-solid soul effort all the way through – steeped in modes borrowed from Memphis, but carried off with a slightly different feel, thanks to the presence of a fair bit of jazz musicians on the date! Adams' voice is tremendous – a gritty, right on the money soul sound – completely color blind, and beautifully suited to the funky backings in the set. And almost best of all, the songs are mostly original or obscure numbers – not the sort of re-hashed hits that usually came out on Euro soul sides of the 60s – but killer new tracks that are steeped in a great sense of sadness and loss...." ~ (Electric Looser)

01 - I Can't Stand Living Without Her
02 - Yesterday Hero
03 - Home Again Hello
04 - Where Are We Bound
05 - Rest My Soul
06 - That Feeling Is Gone
07 - Don't Talk To Me
08 - Soap Bubbles
09 - Look Into A Mirror
10 - What Have You Done
11 - Ev'ry Minute, Ev'ry Hour
12 - The Waves Are High Today

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