Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Annaabee-Nox - Singles A's & B's (1965-1968) (2013)

From Beatman:
Annaabee-Nox - Singles A's & B's (1965-1968) (2013)
Annabee-Nox was a Swedish pop band that played 1963-1968. The band's somewhat strange name is because one of the group members viewed a text with the word "konstisbana" and read it (incorrectly) backward as "anabinoks" - which was chosen to spell anglosaxically. The group released a total of seven singles between 1965 and 1968. They also participated in a 1966 flexion published by the photo journal. 
In total, there are 15 songs preserved on disc.




  1. Excellent band! Thanks guys!

  2. Thanks friends very much !!!!!!

  3. I knew this group from a pair of songs in some comps, but the whole bunch in one record is a great moment. Thank you very much !


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