Saturday, August 18, 2018

Steven Garrick & His Party Twisters - Come On Everbody, Let's Twist (1962 Canada)

injee said...
My Dad, Steven (Sandy) Garrick, made this record. I never knew about it until after he died and the Texas Lottery contacted me to ask if they could use one of the songs on their TV commercial! I think I asked them for $2000 which they paid me for it. What else can I tell you about my Dad. He was Musical Director for Stars on Ice for 7 years in Toronto, Canada so I got to meet lots of music acts who appeared on this variety show growing up. He passed on about 18 years ago in Sweden where my Mother is from. She lives on Vancouver Island and a big band there is using his big band arrangements. 


  1. The link is dead too.
    I understand how difficult is to answer to several requests (often mine, lol)
    I'll wait. Have a nice day.


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