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Deram Record Story (Singles) Beverley "Happy New Year" 1966


Starting Off with The Deram Singles Story is This One

Record Details

Artist: Beverley
Label:   Deram
Country: UK
Catalogue: DM 101
Date: 30 Sep 1966
Format: 7"

Decca PR sheet quote:- "Beverley; Denny Cordell (who produced Georgie Fame's number one "Getaway") has waited several months to launch this highly original girl singer. Paul McCartney, The Mama's And The Papa's, Donovan and Paul Simon are among the big 'names' who have sung her praises. Her first release is called "Happy New Year" (on September 30)".

These following quotes are from Decca PR sheets as a follow-up to a previous question and reply:-

"Decca Records are proud to announce the launching on October 1 (1967) of the DERAMIC SOUND SYSTEM (DSS). Already hailed by an enthusiastic trade as "One of the greatest advances since the advent of stereo".

"The DERAMIC SOUND SYSTEM takes it's inspiration from DERAM, the label launched by DECCA last September" (1966).


"Announcing......the birth of Decca's new major British label.....the DERAM label.....and DERAM means records that are "Different".

Decca initially conceived Deram Records initially as an outlet for stereo 'Deramic Sound' recordings of contemporary pop and rock music.



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