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Various Artists - New York Graffiti. 1619-1750 Broadway. An Independent American Pop Story 1958-1968 (@320)


New York Graffiti 1619-1750 Broadway: An Independent American Pop Story 1958-1968 Review by Mark Deming.


Edward Kassner is not a familiar name to the average music fan, but they're aware of his work if they know it or not. Kassner had a long and successful career in the music business: he was active in songwriting and music publishing as well as starting a number of independent record labels, and he was associated in various ways with a number of classic tunes. Kassner wrote "How Lucky You Are" for Vera Lynn, owned the publishing to Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock," obtained the rights to standards like "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and "You Made Me Love You," was an early manager and publisher for the Kinks, and released '60s rock and pop hits like Marcie Blane's "Bobby's Girl" and Ernie Maresca's "Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out)." While Kassner was more successful than most, he was typical of a certain type of music biz player of the '50s and '60s who set up shop in New York City's Brill Building and was always on the lookout for the next trend and the next big single, conjuring his releases from the songwriting upwards. New York Graffiti 1619-1750 Broadway: An Independent American Pop Story 1958-1968 is a four-disc set that covers ten years in the career of Edward Kassner, encompassing the songs he wrote and/or published and the various small labels (most notably President Records) that brought the music into the marketplace. His empire was willing to dabble in a bit of everything, and the set is a dizzying ride through doo wop, girl group sounds, rhythm & blues, early rock, soul, commercial folk, garage rock, and even a bit of soft psychedelia. There are a lot more obscurities and "bubbling under" tracks here than familiar hits, but given the scattergun approach of many small labels of the era, where the philosophy seemed to be "throw it at the wall and see what sticks," this is certainly fitting. A large part of what makes this box so enjoyable is its celebration of the craft of record-making in the Brill Building era. This was a time when hit singles were put together from various component parts like cars, and most of what's featured here are the Cadillacs of the field, bold and flashy and with the right amount of polish. The late '60s would bring a greater autonomy to artists, but in the first rock & roll era, record men (and women) were honing an art form all their own. This set is a tribute to both the process and the result, and it's a whole lot of fun, too.






1.1 Ankle Bracelet - the Pyramids

1.2 Story Tellin' Baby - the Jodimars

1.3 Rock and Roll Kittens - Judy and Joyce

1.4 Sock Hop - the Gorman Sisters

1.5 Lavender Coffin - Russ Cassata

1.6 Blue Flute - Don Harper

1.7 I Am Yours - Richard Barrett and the Sevilles

1.8 But Are You Sure - Ronnie Mitchell

1.9 The King - Gregg Madden

1.10 Feelling This Thing Called Love - Wallie Hawkins

1.11 Baby You're a Long Time Dead - Freddie Scott

1.12 Boca Raton - Ronnie Mitchell

1.13 Pitter Patter - the Five Fleets

1.14 A Beautiful Love - Shirley Elliston

1.15 Lost the Right (Take 9) - Freddie Scott

1.16 Don't Believe Them - Wallie Hawkins

1.17 Feel So Bad - Earl Wade

1.18 Hurricane - Kenny Dana

1.19 You're Still My Baby - Earl Wade

1.20 Fools Fall in Love - Starfires

1.21 Hey You - the Imaginations

1.22 Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out) - Ernie Maresca

1.23 It Was Like Heaven - Little Joey ; the Flips

1.24 Heart Breaker - Dean Christie

1.25 Love Is the Greatest Thing - the Delacardos

1.26 Oh Love (Stop Knockin on My Door) - Jamie Horton

1.27 Pretty Baby - Charlie Gracie

1.28 Bossa Rock – Bellino




2.1 When You've Got Love - Curtis Knight

2.2 Night and Day U.S.A. - Charlie Gracie

2.3 Wheel and Deal - Bill Roxy

2.4 Do You Want to Dance - Joey ; the Twisters

2.5 Early Sunday - Mort Garson and His Orchestra

2.6 Lovin' Time - the Hideaways

2.7 Go Shout It from a Mountain - Jamie Horton

2.8 Bobby's Girl - Marcie Blane

2.9 Love Wheel - Millie Foster

2.10 Jigsaw Puzzle - the Chelmars

2.11 A Fool's Memory - Ricky Shaw

2.12 Even Though - Susan Lynne

2.13 Lovin' Time - Sleepy King

2.14 You're Gonna Be Sorry - Curtis Knight

2.15 Bitterness - Millie Foster

2.16 There'll Be No Goodbyes - Susan Lynne

2.17 I'm Afraid - Neil ; Jack

2.18 Til You've Tried Love - Neil ; Jack

2.19 Bye Bye Travelin Man - Hughie Garrity

2.20 And the Hollywood Playboys

2.21 Real Churchy - Al Tousan

2.22 That's All I Need - Bobby Wood

2.23 Midnight Hassle - the Frank Virtue Combo

2.24 Nobody Knows - Michael Zara and the Compliments

2.25 Tell Me More - Scotty Carrol

2.26 Little Band of Gold - James Gilreath

2.27 Summers Come and Gone - the Brandywine Singers

2.28 Hootenanny - the Glencoves




3.1 Did I Think About You - Millie Foster

3.2 Will You Wait (PT 1) - Larry Banks

3.3 What a Thrill - Millie Foster

3.4 Devil's Waitin' (On Bald Mountain) - the Glencoves

3.5 609 - Billy Duke

3.6 Larry - the Allen Sisters

3.7 The Sweetest Boy - the Kittens

3.8 You Got It Bad - the Kampells

3.9 The Street - Terry and the Tunisians

3.10 Snow Surfin' - Zeke Sheppard

3.11 Boys Cry - the Four Coins

3.12 Get Lost - the Sillaways

3.13 Just Like My Baby - Joan Berry

3.14 I'm Hurt and So Is My Heart - Little Gigi

3.15 Don't Deceive Me - Jimmy ; Jack

3.16 Just in the Nick of Time - Billy Lee

3.17 When I Meet a Girl Like You - the Pageboys

3.18 You've Got to Understand - the Barbarians

3.19 Pompton Turnpike - Floyd Morris

3.20 People in Love - the Taylor Brothers

3.21 Take the Bitter with the Sweet - Little Gigi

3.22 Hello Lady - Ludaway

3.23 I Don't Want to Make You Cry - Billy Lee

3.24 Sha la Lu Luma - the Twilights

3.25 Hey Little Bird - the Barbarians

3.26 I Have Love - the Pageboys




4.1 Dixatay - Billy Butterfield

4.2 Prisoner of Love - Billy Duke

4.3 Did You Ever Lose Your Mind Over a Boy -Linda Cumbo

4.4 The Hurtin Kind - Marcie Blane

4.5 It's Their World - Ernie Maresca

4.6 Fools Paradise - Bobby Wood

4.7 Now I'm at the Top - Scott Bedford Four

4.8 Four Times Faster - Fish 'N' Chips

4.9 Last Exit to Brooklyn - Scott Bedford Four

4.10 Girl Can't Take a Joke - the Druids

4.11 She Belongs to Me - Ray Emmett and the Superiors

4.12 You Day Is Coming - James Gilreath

4.13 The Truth Hurts - Dick Roman

4.14 The Minute My Back Was Turned - Roger Pace

4.15 Give a Little Bit - Sonny Stiles and His Kings Men

4.16 You Copped My Soul - the Demetrons

4.17 Here She Comes - Sonny Stiles and His Kings Men

4.18 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Linda Cumbo

4.19 The Soul of My Man - Pat Jarvis

4.20 Can't Get You Out of My Mind -Pat Hervey with the Tiaras

4.21 It Took a Long Time Coming - Laura Lynn

4.22 Alley Pond Park - Culver Street Playground

4.23 Hate to See a Good Thing Have to Go - the Raggamuffins

4.24 Cry Alone - Guardians of the Rainbow

4.25 It Wasn't Happening at All - the Raggamuffins

4.26 You Can't Do That - Doris Willingham


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