Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Goliath - Goliath ( 1970)

Mp3 320\99Mb
"...Its was unable to find any real information about this band on the web, other than the band member's names, which was not much help as their names are on the dang back cover! Goliath were a short-lived but very promising UK band who were fronted by a lady singer called Linda Rothwell. The other members were Eric Eastman on drums & percussion, Joe Rosbotham on tenor sax & flute, Malcolm Grundy on guitar and John Williamson on bass. Their music had elements of rock, folk and blues, as well as an Eastern touch. A band with fantastic potential, they faded into obscurity, probably around the early 70's. Not to be confused with a US band of the same name that released an album in 1972... "
1 Port and Lemon Lady 2 Festival of Light 3 No More Trash 4 Hunter's Song 5 Men 6 I Heard About a Friend 7 Prism 8 Emerge 9 Breath, Sunshine, Dandelion 10 Maajun 11 Taste of Tangier

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