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Veselye rebyata - Aleshkina lyubov'\1969-1975(USSR)

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The group Veselye rebyata (" Cheerful children ") is created in 1966, in Moscow, the pianist and composer Paul Slobodkinym. In 1968 the ensemble " Cheerful Children " became the first collective in the USSR, awarded ranks of the winner of All-Union competition on the best execution of a youth song and the first premium that promoted official recognitions поп-and rock musics in the USSR. In 1969 the ensemble has been awarded ranks of the winner of All-Union competition on the best execution of the Soviet song, and the first premium. The tremendous success to ensemble has brought the minion which has been let out by firm the Melody in July, 1970 (records have been made in December, 1969). This plate became the original musical manifest of new generation fate-musicians, and has opened road to many beginning composers, actors and rock groups, and the record circulation - 15795000 copies is not surpassed till now. (more in archive)
Veselye rebyata - Aleshkina lyubov
The Cheerful boys - Aleshkin love
01 - Aleshkina lyubov'02 - Na chem stoit lyubov'03 - Staren'kiy avtomobil'04 - Obladi - oblada05 - A ty lyubi ee, svoyu devchonku (vok.kv.Akkord)06 - Neprosto byt' vdvoem07 - Tebe vse ravno08 - Lyudi vstrechayutsya09 - Legko vlyubit'sya10 - Rybatskaya pesnya11 - Rasstavanie12 - Kak prekrasen etot mir13 - Lyubov' - ditya planety14 - Pesnya, moya pesnya15 - Nu, chto s nim delat'16 - Esli lyubish' ty17 - Chernobrovaya divchina18 - Varshavskiy dozhd'19 - Na zemle zhivet lyubov'20 - Kogda molchim vdvoem21 - Na perekrestke22 - Polosa nevezeniya23 - Byla lyubov' (variant 1)24 - U toy gory

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