Thursday, June 12, 2008

Uve Schikora und seine Gruppe - Das Gewitter (1972) DDR

Mp3 192\53Mb
Uve Schikora (vocals, soprano sax, piano, organ)Michael Schubert (vocals, 12-string guitar)Bernd Muller (organ)Jurgen Matkiowitz (guitar)Jurgen Diessner (bass)Reiner Miehatsch (drums)Frank Schobel (vocals
" ... A highly recommended gem from the vaults of East German's Amiga label. a review on UK’S Vinylvulture describes 'Das Gewitter' (translated with 'the storm') sounding 'like Black Sabbath meets the Mohawks!' indeed the music featured here is a superb mix of Progressive, Funk & Krautrock including heavyduty hammond riffs, violent fuzz guitars leads, killer basslines, electric wahwah sax, over the top musicianship & above all, long numbers! big samples and breaks on the 12 (!) minute title track, which is loaded with wicked proggy beats supplied by funky organ culminating in some delirius rock drumming. ... "
Uve Schikora und seine Gruppe - Das Gewitter (1972) East Germany [Amiga]UVEGRUPPE
01. Das Alte Lied02. Oh, Angela 03. So Einen Sommer Lang 04. Irgendwo Und Nirgendwo 05. Deine Augen 06. Das Gewitter
Thanks and MUTANT SOUNDS(text).

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