Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Allisons - All The Hits Plus More

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The Allisons are one of the best-loved of all Britain's Eurovision Song Contest entries despite never having won the event; they finished second in the 1961 competition. Originally a duo of Brian Alford and John White, the roots of the Allisons sprang from the remains of a southwest London youth club band called the Shadows (again, no relation to the better-known instrumental combo). Originally performing as the Shadows Brothers, the pair were popular enough to appear on the television talent show Television Discoveries in 1958, but White quit in early 1959, and Alford attempted a solo career. By late summer 1959, however, he had teamed up with Colin Day... Read More...
The Allisons held similarities to American duo the Kalin Twins of a few years earlier. They harmonised their voices beautifully, had one enormous smash hit, and then struggled to get recognition for much else. Perhaps it was being so successful too quickly that ultimately proved to be a handicap by raising expectations too high. Whatever the reason for their very short spell at the top, the quality of their recordings would seem to indicate that they should have done better. ...Read More...
The Allisons - All The Hits Plus More
01. Ventura Boulevard02. Dont Ever Change03. Sheila04. It's Late05. Breaking Up The Act06. The Great Indoors07. No Go Situation08. Thing It Over09. Bebopalula10. Blue Tears11. Heat Lightning12. I Hate You13. Who Am I This Time14. It Doesn't Matter Anymore15. Words16. Lessons In Love17. Always It's You18. Little By Little19. In The Middle20. Hello Mary Lou21. Are You Sure22. On Time23. Goodbye Girl24. Give Me Time25. Roses Are Red People Are Blue26. Inside And Out27. The Uninvited Guest

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