Thursday, June 05, 2008

Kvartet Akkord - Zolotaya kollektsiya (USSR)

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This was at the beginning initially...

The popular Moscow variety vocal quartet "Chord" has been created in 1958 and became the first and unique quartet on our platform with the mixed structure. Has begun that in 1955 four girls Zoe Kulikova, Inna Mjasnikova, Ella Olhovskaja and Rose Romanovskaya which has finished of School at the Moscow conservatory, have created a female vocal quartet which has received the invitation to participate in the program "First step", founded in ArtHouse young composer Jury Saul'skiy...

Since 1960 start to write down a plate, in 1969 there was first "giant" (" the Gold plate " at festival in Cannes.)

In 1964 the quartet leaves from Lundstrem`s and starts to give concerts independently, working in VGKO, participating in modular concerts, acting as branch, giving full concerts. "Chord" enters the name on radio, acts on TV in "Sparks" and other programs. Three months together with the Moscow music hall worked in Paris, daily performances, rehearsals have not allowed even to visit at a concert acted somewhere beside "Beatles". (more in archive)
quartette Akkord - Gold(en) collection
kvartet Akkord - Zolotaya kollektsiya

01 - Generaly peschanyh kar'erov02 - Eho03 - Gde-to za radugoy04 - Prekrasnye devushki05 - Bubentsy06 - Kokoroko07 - Plyasovaya08 - Belaya lebedushka09 - Peshehod10 - Noktyurn11 - Ty i ya12 - Hlop-Hlop13 - Vanya-Skomoroh14 - Lyudi govoryat15 - Grustinochka16 - Zvezdopad17 - Vozvraschaysya18 - Pingviny19 - Nazlo20 - Pesnya ob Odissee

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