Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hep Stars -1964 -69 Sweden

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The chances are that, had ABBA never come along making Benny Andersson (and his three partners in the group) into an international pop-rock star, no one outside of Sweden would ever have heard of the Hep Stars. They were the hottest rock band of the middle-to-late '60s in Sweden, however, considered by some to be that country's answer to the Beatles. The Hep Stars also charted 20 singles in their own country and had hits in the Netherlands, as well as building a following in Germany — and their CDs are exported around the world as a result of the ABBA connection. It also turns out that they were a pretty good band, too.Andersson's interest in the keyboard manifested itself at age six, when he got his first accordion, and ... Read More...
01 - Hep Stars - Hep Stars Kana Kapila02 - Hep Stars - A Tribute to Buddy Holly 03 - Hep Stars - Bird Dog04 - Hep Stars - If You Need Me05 - Hep Stars - Farmer John06 - Hep Stars - Donna07 - Hep Stars - Cadillac08 - Hep Stars - Bald Headed Woman09 - Hep Stars - No Response10 - Hep Stars - So Mystifying11 - Hep Stars - Young and Beautiful12 - Hep Stars - Should I13 - Hep Stars - Sunny Girl14 - Hep Stars - Wedding15 - Hep Stars - When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again16 - Hep Stars - I Natt Jag Dromde17 - Hep Stars - Consolation18 - Hep Stars - Don't19 - Hep Stars - No Time20 - Hep Stars - Isn't It Easy to Say21 - Hep Stars - Malaika22 - Hep Stars - It's Nice to Be Back23 - Hep Stars - Christmas On My Mind24 - Hep Stars - Mot Okant Land25 - Hep Stars - She Will Love You26 - Hep Stars - Let it Be Me27 - Hep Stars - Tanda pa Varann28 - Hep Stars - Holiday For Clowns29 - Hep Stars - Speleman30 - Hep Stars - Speedy Gonzales

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