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Poyuschie Gitary - 30 let\Arhivnye zapisi(USSR)

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The vocal- instrumental(VIA) tool ensemble, the first in history of domestic (USSR) popular music the professional collective which named all genre VIA and has served by the sample for numerous followers " SINGING GUITARS " were born in the middle of 60th years when Anatoly Vasilev (the graduate of vocal- instrumental(VIA)choral branch of the Leningrad conservatory, in the past known jazzman, and in 1957-65 guitarist of ensemble "FRIENDSHIP" under control of Alexander Bronevitskogo) has decided to realize the interest to pop and to approach the Soviet platform to the western standards. It selected the future participants of group both among graduates of musical schools, and from among amateur musicians. Having refused - after short fluctuations - from use traditional variety Anatoly Koroleva, " SINGING GUITARS " (Anatoly Vasilev - a guitar, a vocal; Evgenie Bronevitsky, a bass, a vocal; Vladimir Kalinin - a guitar, a vocal; Lion Vildavsky, a piano; Galina Baranova - a vocal and Sergey Lavrovsky - drums) have tested the program on visitors of the Black Sea camp sites, and in November 1966 have officially presented it on one of the most popular arena cities - in Mechanical institute. The success has convinced young musicians, that they on a true way. The program of " SINGING GUITARS " at this stage consisted of tool numbers and guitar processings of popular melodies ( Tachanka and т. Item), Made Васильевым, songs of different authors, including Andrey Petrov, and also BEATLES and other stars of bats-music, and their strengths were effective vocal polyphony and witty staging of many songs. The following of one and a half year there was an intensive formation of repertoir of group and its structure: Galina Baranovu have replaced consistently Tatyana Kalinina and Elena Fedorova, second keyboard player Oleg Moshkovich and trumpeter Edgar Bernstein were added; from " WOOD BROTHERS " in the beginning 1968 singer Alexander Fedorov has come, place Vildavsky in the summer 1968 was borrowed with the pianist and arranger Algis Paulavichus.
In 1968 Moscow firm " Melody " has let out the first plate of ensemble - actually the first artefact domestic bats-music where " SINGING GUITARS " it is not so much presteel as "singing", how many as "playing": its basis tool plays Vasilieva in manner SHADOWS and VENTURES and some vocal numbers have made, including their first hit Twilight. In the summer 1969 place Moshkovich (worked in VIA " CHEERFUL VOICES " later) the keyboard player and singer Jury Antonov has borrowed, which songs (For me there is no you more perfectly, etc.) (more in archive)

Poyuschie Gitary - 30 let\Arhivnye zapisi
The Singing Guitars - 30 years(Archive record)
01 - Appachi02 - Pesenka velosipedistov03 - Romans04 - Torrero05 - Provody06 - Salaspils07 - Sinyaya ptitsa08 - Vot eto pogoda09 - Sumerki10 - Neprimetnaya krasota11 - Syurpriz12 - Ne lomay cheremuhi13 - Net tebya prekrasney14 - A ya poyu15 - Tsyganochka


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