Thursday, June 12, 2008


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"...I have listened very few artists from east germany's 70s Amiga label, but whatever i listened from that scene are most of the time quality,good works. Its one of the mysterious label, and discovering is enjoyful. One of the good works i have listened is, Thomas Natschinski's early works. Well there are many information for him at net, but most of them i found is in german language. Any info welcome... " (text and other album prognotfrog) AND Thomas Natschinski (german wiki)
A1 Morgens In Der Stadt A2 Steppke A3 Unten Auf Dem Feld A4 Neben Ihr A5 Herbst A6 Geschichte Eines Tages B1 Lied Eines New Yorker Schuhputzers B2 Kosmos 354 B3 Aufstehn B4 So Wird Es Eines Abends Sein B5 Mokka-Milch-Eisbar

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