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The Reflections - (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet (complete recordings 63-66)

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Biography by Andrew Hamilton
Detroit-based the Reflections were a five-man group schooled in doo wop who scored in 1964 on Ed Wingate's Golden World label with "(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet," written by Bob Hamilton and Freddie Gorman. (Gorman later wrote songs for Motown ("Please Mr. Postman" and "Forever") and formed the Originals, who hit with "Baby I'm for Real.")
The Reflections were Phil Castrodale, Ray Steinberg, Tony Micale, Danny Bennie, and Johnny Dean. The group's first recording was a remake of the Five Satins' "In the Still of the Night" on Tigre, which did well in some Midwestern markets. Their Golden World debut, "(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet," cracked the Top Ten before settling at the number six position.
They recorded seven more 45s for Golden World, but none were as successful as "(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet." "Like Columbus Did" cracked the pop 100, but only by four slots, hanging at number 96. "Poor Man's Son," the Reflections' sixth Golden World single, almost cracked the Top 40 but stopped climbing at number 55. Other singles — "Talking About My Girl," "(I'm Just) A Henpecked Guy," "Shabby Little Hut," "Wheelin' and Dealin'," "Out of the Picture," and their final single, "Girl in the Candy Store" — did nothing. Their producers insisted they use a hokey falsetto sound on their recordings that didn't bode well with the group members.
Problems with Golden World resulted over both creative differences and royalties, so they opted to go with ABC Paramount when their contract time was up. Neither "Adam and Eve" or "Long Cigarette" did well though, so believing the name the Reflections hindered them, the group became High and the Mighty. They released "Escape From Cuba," written by Ritchie Adams and Larry Kusik, but it failed too. Despite a lack of success, they continued singing for years; members Micale and Dean still gigged around the Detroit area in a band called Larados.
01. (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet 02. Oowee Now Now 03. Like Columbus Did 04. Talkin' About My Girl 05. (I'm Just) A Henpecked Guy 06. Can't You Tell by the Look in My Eyes 07. Lonely Girl 08. Don't Do That to Me 09. You're My Baby (And Don't You Forget It) 10. Deborah Ann 11. Shabby Little Hut 12. On Broadway 13. Poor Man's Son 14. Comin' at You 15. Gonna Turn the Place Out 16. Couldn't Make It Like That 17. June Bride 18. Wheelin' & Dealin' 19. Girl in the Candy Store 20. Out of the Picture 21. Your Kind of Love 22. Vito's House 23. Like Adam & Eve 24. You're Gonna Find Out 25. Long Cigarette 26. Escape from Cuba (As the High and the Mighty) 27. Tryin' to Stop Cryin' (As the High and the Mighty) 28. Helpless 29. You Said Good Bye 30. I Love the Life I Live (And I Live the Life I Love) 31. (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet [Stereo] 32. Hungry for Love [Stereo]

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