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The Jaguars - The Jaguars (196?) Japan

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What are the Group Sounds?

In June 1966, the Beatles visited Japan to perform a series of concerts at Tokyo's legendary Budokan Hall. Their visit created such national excitement among teenagers that almost overnight there was a dramatic shift in the way young musicians formed groups, played their instruments and thought about fashion and style.
This new wave of 1960s Japanese rock groups was called Group Sounds—or GS for short. (Japanese Group Sounds)
Yukio Miya
Shin Okamoto
Hisayuki Okitsu
Yasuji Sato
Kiochi Miyazaki
Mikio Morida
Takeshi Hamano
They were one of most famous GS; many Japanese remember their debut song "Want You See Again(Kimi ni Aitai)". They sung some moody hit songs and wrote cool punk ballads like "My Dawn" (on HOT NIPS). On the other hand, they were compared to Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. (In Japanese they were called as Dave Dee group for short!). Jaguars covered "Zabadak", "Legend of Xanadu".This Japanese cover version of Xanadu was a #20 hit. Actually, it was the flip side of another moody song. The lead singer Sin Okamoto attracted teen girls with his good looks and singing with whip like Dave Dee. Also they covered the fab "Tobacco Road" which is on the "Big Lizard Stomp" compilation, which was a psychedelic version, much like the Blues Magoos, "Blue Feeling" (Slitherama), "See See Rider" (Banzai Freak Beat).
They appeared in their own movie "Jaguars Tekizen Jyouriku" in '68, a cool comedy which was influenced by the Beatles' "Help!". But soon after, the leader/drummer Miya quit the band due to a conflict with the other members. He wrote their early original "Beat Train". He formed a new group called New Jaguars and released a few singles, but they weren't successful. In their later years, the GS boom had peaked, so they recorded moody popular songs and after some personnel changes, they disbanded in '71. (Another Group Sounds )
The Jaguars - First Album
1 Mademoiselle Blues 2 Zabadak 3 Dancing Lonely Night 4 Lady Jane 5 Tabbaco Road 6 Poor John 7 I Wanna See You 8 Dancing Baby 9 My Girl 10 Young Tomorrow 11 Lonely Girl 12 New Orleans 13 Hanky Panky 14 There's Always Daybreak 15 See See Rider 16 Mustang Sally 17 Beat Train 18 Seaside Bound 19 Blue Chateau 20 Two from North Japan 21 Sunny Boy

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