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The Mindbenders - With Woman In Mind (1967) + 11 bonus tracks

Remaining together following the departure of frontman Wayne Fontana, the Mindbenders got off to one of the most promising starts any band could enjoy, when their debut single "A Groovy Kind of Love" soared to number two in the U.K. and topped the chart in America. And had the group only succeeded in locating a decent follow-up, they might well have developed into one of the finest British bands of the late '60s.

Instead, a series of disastrous choices of 45s condemned them to the ranks of rank also-rans, and it is only later that the sheer quality of their other work — material hitherto lost on two Mindbenders LPs — had been re-evaluated sufficiently to let listeners state that here was one of the greatest of all Britain's post-beat bands. A Groovy Kind of Love album totally failed to capitalize on the success of its title track, floundering to a lowly number 92, while a second song by "Groovy" composers Carole Bayer and Toni Wine, "Ashes to Ashes," scarcely improved on that in the singles' listings. It made number 55, although Fontana did still try to capitalize on it, repressing the Groovy Kind of Love album with "Ashes to Ashes" replacing "Don't Cry No More." (Later in the year, "Ashes to Ashes" hit number 14 in Britain, but only after the vaguely Spector-ish "Can't Live With You (Can't Live Without You)" had struggled to break the Top 30. ~ READ MORE

В конце 1965 года Уэйн разругался с тремя своими друзьями, заявив, что начинает сольную карьеру. Случилось это так: посредине концерта Уэйн подошел к гитаристу Стюарту и сказал ему, указывая на зал: "Они все твои", после чего покинул сцену. The Mindbenders не растерялись и тут же выпустили сингл Groovy Kind Of Love, занявший второе место в хит-параде, а в 1966 сингл Ashes To Ashes, попавший в TOP-20. Как Уэйн ни старался, мгновенно повторить их успеха ему не удалось; впрочем, ему не удалось этого и потом (только сингл 1966 года Pamela, Pamela достиг 11-го места в хит-параде). В 1968 году группа The Mindbenders объявила о своем роспуске.

1. Mindbenders - To Be Or Not To Be (1:56)

2. Mindbenders - Honey And Wine (2:25)

3. Mindbenders - Schoolgirl (2:20)

4. Mindbenders - A Little Piece Of Leathers (3:00)

5. Mindbenders - Shotgun (3:06)

6. Mindbenders - I Want Her She Wants Me (2:19)

7. Mindbenders - Mystery Train (2:59)

8. Mindbenders - The Morning After (2:13)

9. Mindbenders - Homework (2:52)

10. Mindbenders - Airport People (3:07)

11. Mindbenders - Cool Jerk (3:11)

12. Mindbenders - Ashes To Ashes (2:26)


13. Mindbenders - School Girl (Single ersion) (2:06)

14. Mindbenders - Comming Back (2:51)

15. Mindbenders - Blessed Are The Lonely (2:59)

16. Mindbenders - Yellow Brick Road (3:00)

17. Mindbenders - Uncle Joe The Ice Cream Man (2:21)

18. Mindbenders - The Man Who Loved Trees (2:31)


19. Mindbenders - Don't Cry No More (2:39)

20. Mindbenders - Land Of 1000 Dances (1:43)

21. Mindbenders - In The Midnight Hour (1:17)

22. Mindbenders - See See Rider / Jenny Jenny (1:34)

23. Mindbenders - A Groovy Kind Of Love (1:57)
You have to sort of pity the Mindbenders — the group, which had seemed destined for success, had fared so poorly since "A Groovy Kind of Love" that their second LP, With Women in Mind, barely got heard, despite its being as strong as anything that the Kinks were putting out on LP in 1967. The album picks up where the group's first, self-titled album left off, comprised of generally bracing rock & roll with a soul edge and a sense of humor, as well as a solid layer of inventiveness. Ric Rothwell's highly ornamented drumming holds everything together, giving Eric Stewart and Bob Lang room to add their elegant flourishes and, in Stewart's case, moments of impressive flash, as well. They turn in a convincing R&B-laced rendition of the Goffin/King-composed "Honey and Wine," which is highlighted by killer vocals and a nicely understated guitar break, while "Schoolgirl," which got them banned by the BBC (over its allegedly lascivious tale of teen pregnancy), is an astonishingly catchy number that ought to have had enough hooks to get heard over here. And their cover of Donnie Elbert's "A Little Piece of Leather" is so beguiling with its jagged, angular, quasi-psychedelic guitar break around the catchy chorus that it's almost worth the price of the album by itself.


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