Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Mike Rat And The Runaways

Group was formed in Mallorca in 1963 calling back then 'Lom & The Cries' with this line: Lucio San Eugenio on vocals, Tony Obrador and Florencio Pascual guitars, Miguel Vicens playing bass and drums Pablo Sanllehí. Played enough in the area, where thanks to tourism there were plenty of places to act, where in 1964 they saw a representative who proposed them to act a month in Germany.
And there they were, but not all, because Lucio was not , some versions say he was sick and others simply it cracked, and so they had to find a new singer in Germany and so contacted the young Mike 'Ratt' Kogel had already been recorded three singles, one with the name ' Mike Keller 'and two as' Michael & Firebirds ', and out came the name' Mike And Runaways '.

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