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Die Mustangs - Die Mustangs Plus

Very Rare album "Same" from the German Beat Group DIE MUSTANGS, edited in GERMANY by the label ARIOLA/No.72 251 IT -stereo- /in the "Liverpool Beat" Series...

Two of them looked like the accountants who would be handling the finances of any British band of the period and the other two looked like the dorkier members of Herman's Hermits or any number of other bands. But based on the recorded evidence, Die Mustangs were cool. A German beat band from the early to mid-'60s, their lineup consisted of Gerd Geerkin (guitar), Nico Kuhlkamp (guitar), Horst Heineberg (bass), and Jorn Schroder (drums) (later succeeded by Udo Lindenberg). The band initially emulated the sounds of the Shadows and the Ventures, but with the advent of the 1960s British beat boom (which arguably "previewed" on the road, as it were, in Germany), they added Beatles/Roulettes-style vocals to their sound. Their music was actually an engaging hybrid of early to mid-'60s British sounds: On the one hand, they could do a free-wheeling, hard-rocking cover of Ian Samwell's "Dynamite" (a late-'50s rock & roll hit for Cliff Richard & the Shadows) in that style, and then turn around and do a solid early Beatles or Searchers-style rendition of Carl Perkins' "Matchbox." In the instrumental department, Die Mustangs could hold their own -- their played Fender equipment at a time when that was relatively hard to come by in Germany -- and harmonized beautifully on originals like "Why Should I Cry." With a few breaks, these boys might've been Germany's answer to Gerry & the Pacemakers or the Roulettes. They broke up after 1966, leaving behind an amazingly enjoyable body of singles and a complete LP, cut for Germany's Ariola label.

Die erste Band in der Udo getrommelt hat waren die Mustangs aus Mьnster (ca.1965/66) u.a. mit dem Sperrmьll-Gitarristen Helmut Krieg. Auf 4 Vinyls (3 Singles, 1 Album) prдsentierten die Mustangs u.a. den Herman`s Hermits Hit Mrs. Brown You`ve Got A Lovely Daughter auf Deutsch. Kurios: Das Drumming von Udo war dem Produzenten zu wild und er wurde kurzerhand gegen einen Studiodrummer ausgetauscht. 

Der Zeitungsartikel stammt aus der letzten Phase der Mustangs, als die Band mit Udo Lindenberg (drums) und Helmut Krieg (git.,spдter Sperrmьll) spielten. Helmut war bei den Plattenproduktionen der Mustangs noch nicht dabei. Allerdings gibt es wiederum eine 45er mit Helmut Krieg und Terry Schauer & the Batmen aus Aachen aus dem Jahre 1964, die auch von Krieg komponiert wurde.
The Mustangs spielten anfangs in der Besetzung Joern Schroeder (dr.), Nico Kuhlkamp (g.), Gerd Geerken (g.) und Horst Heineberg (bg). Ab 1965 wurde Udo Lindenberg als neuer Drummer engagiert. Bei der 45er Mrs. Brown hat einen Blumenladen, eine deutsch-gesungene Version des Herman`s Hermits Hits Mrs. Brown You`ve Got A Lovely Daughter wurde Udo auf Grund seines zu jazzigem Drumspiel durch einen Studiodrummer ersetzt. Auf der Rьckseite Das Glьck und die Liebe hat er dann aber gespielt. Ab 1966 war auch Helmut Krieg (spдter Sperrmьll) als Gitarrist Mitglied der Mustangs.

Die Mustangs - Same (1966)

LP, Vinyl
label :Ariola
Catalogue Nr.:S 72 251 IT
Printed :
 1966** / Germany

Ariola Label
from the Ariola 'Liverpool Beat'-Series

Despite the fact that it's utterly unknown outside of Germany, this is one of the better British beat-style albums of its period, a faithful, fervent attempt to adapt the sounds of the British Invasion. The group could play and sing well and absorbed the details and nuances of the sound that they loved, and this is one of best records to be derived from the British Invasion sound to come out of Europe. ~ by Bruce Eder

01 - Make Up Your Mind
02 - What's Gonna Be Tomorrow
03 - Hot Rod
04 - That's My Baby
05 - Dynamite
06 - Matchbox
07 - Why Should I Cry Anymore
08 - Kom Van Dat Dak Af
09 - Greyhould
10 - Please, Mr. Postman
11 - Loneliness
12 - South Street


13 - Oh My Baby (That's My Baby)
14 - Einsamkeit (Loneliness)
15 - Mrs. Brown (Nico & Die Mustangs)
16 - Das Glьck und die Liebe (Nico & Die Mustangs)


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