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The Scarlets - The Scarlets complete 1963-1971 (3 CD)

The Scarlets, one of Denmarks most famous and successful artists in the sixties.

The Scarlets were formed in Copenhagen in mid 1963 as a backing-group for Johnny Reimar, who had just left the Clifters. The members were: John Friis (el-b, vo) Kaj Christensen (p, org, vo) Steen Larsen (lead-g) Jan Pedersen (dm).
The Scarlets made their debut at Geels Kro, 20th July 1963. Scarlets quickly became more than just a backing-froup, and had two parallel carreers both on stage and on album: The Scarlets with or without Reimar. Scarlet played rocknroll inspired by Johnny & The Hurricans, which can be heard on their first recording “Bondeorgelet”, which served as the opening-vignette to the radioprogram “Musik for Teenagere”. The B-side “Prinsesse Toben” was a huge hit på “Ti Vi Ka Li” in September 1963. Johnny Reimar & The Scarlets were a popular liveband that toured extensively in Denmark and Sweden. On a lot of the recordings Reimar used Bertrand Bechs Orkester as his backing-group. Scarlets were the first band that played on Hit House, on 1.9.1964, and at the Star Club. In late 1965 The Scarlets and Reimar split, and Johnny Reimar began his solo-career. 

CD1. Bondeorglet 2. Prinsesse Toben 3. Winterset 4. If You Wanna Dance 5. Nevada 6. Pimpernel 7. Dytten-Batten 8. Let Us Dream 9. Let's Go 10. Tambourine Shake 11. The Girls Of Copenhagen 12. I Do Not Wanna Cry Anymore 13. Chattanooga Choo Choo - Shake 14. Scarlet Tune 15. Little Things Live 16. She Taught Me How Yodel 17. Bondeorglet 18. I Love The Way You Love 19. The House Of The Rising Sun 20. Scarlet Tune 21. Tambourine Shake 22. I Do Not Wanna Cry Anymore 23. Waiting On The Corner 24. Wishing To Kiss You 

CD-3: 1. She Taught Me How To Yodel 2. Kansas City Star 3. Michelle 4. Stop, Mens Legen Er God 5. Yesterday Man 6. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' 7. Stop The Music 8. You Were On My Mind 9. Barbara Ann 10. Blue Turns To Grey 11. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion 12. I Can't Let Go 13. A Little Lovin' Somethin' 14. Sweet Talkin' Guy 15. Remember When 16. Only You 17. Molak Molak Mak Mak Mak 18. Mens Manden Var Ud'Efter Ol 19. So Do I 20. I Want You Tell Me 21. Long Long Time 22. I Want You To Tell Me 23. Rhythm Of The Rain 24. Opus 17 25. Man Klarer Alting Med Et Smil 26. Hele Verden Snurrer Rundt 27. One Way Ticket 28. Wichita Lineman 29. Carpet Man 30. My Way Of Life 

CD-3: 1. Bama Lama Bama Loo 2. The World Through A Tear 3. De Larte Os At Jodle 4. Bedre Dag For Dag 5. Gimme Dat Ding 6. Teddy Boy 7. Que Sera Sera 8. Ta' En Lille Sang 9. Sommer Og Sol 10. Gor Det Sa Godt Du Kan 11. San Quentin 12. Sing A Traveling Song 13. Southwind 14. Jesus Was A Carpenter 15. This Town 16. Face Of Despair 17. Flesh And Blood 18. I'm Gonna Try To Be That Way 19. This Side Of The Law 20. See ruby Fall 21. Starkville City Jail 22. Hungry 23. 'cause I Love You 24. Route Nos. 1, Box 144 25. Come Along And Ride This Train 26. What Is Truth

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  2. bedankt willy voor deze bijdrage leuk je weer eens tegen te komen na het nederpopfurum waar ik je van ken groetjes dutchie.

  3. Thank you. I had not heard them before. Rado

  4. Hoi Dutchie :-))

    Geheel wederzijds, hoor !!

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  5. hoi willy,
    leuk dat je je mij ook nog herrinert.
    ik kom zekers te weten een kijkje bij je nemen op je forum ! en ja ik heb nog wel wat contacten met oude nederpopforumleden maar dat ging allemaal via rene ( de zaanse brouwerij) jouw ook wel bekend neem ik aan. die bestaat ook al niet meer :-( en daar is de vijand ook in ze comments 1 van de leden van die kutband flavium waardoor alles is onstaan ( het verdwijnen van het forum en het verwijderen van rene ze links) dus daar ga ik je link niet plaatsen zoals je wel zult begrijpen.maar goed ik hoor je reactie hierop wel en zou tegen je willen zeggen : ZIE JE OP ,
    groetjes Dutchie.

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    Zie je op het GBY-forum.

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  7. Never heard of The Scarlets before. They are just great! Sounds a lot like Joe Meek's productions. Thank you very much.


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