Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Jay Five - Singles ( Heimatliche Klaenge vol.138)

Heimatliche Klaenge vol.138  - Deutsche Schallplatten-Labels 
Native Sounds - German Record-Labels

   The Jay Five

vol.7    45'
01 - Ich komm lieber heut als morgen - Joe & Erik (Cornet 3002)
02 - Und der Regen singt ein Lied
03 - Django (Cornet 3011)
04 - New Sheriff In Silver City
05 - Oh bitte tu das noch einmal - Joe & Erik (Cornet 3026)
06 - Es kommt wie's kommen muss
07 - Katanga (Cornet 3056)
08 - Ode To Billy Joe
09 - So schwarz wie Kaffee (Cornet 3082)
10 - Wo ist mein Weg zu Ende
11 - Arizona (Cornet 3151)
12 - High Is High
13 - What A Way To Die
14 - Early Bird (BASF Cornet 408)
15 - Fat Man
16 - Coca Cola (Marsch Version)
17 - Coca Cola (Soul Version)
18 - Coca Cola (Jay Five Version)
19 - Milch Opera a (Flexi)
20 - Milch Opera b (Flexi)


  1. Dear friend,

    how I can download all your Jay Five albums on your blog?

    Thank you!

    All the best

    1. Hello Sasa.Yes, I will continue tomorrow, after the next day. But, we must remember to change the style of music. This is no longer a beat. It must be remembered that was originally a jazz band and in future releases it will be more than noticeable ...

  2. Tracks 1-11 do not appear to be in the download. However thanks for the others.

  3. Hi, thank you for this. Can we get more 'heimatliche klaenge? Thank you in advance.


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