Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Jackpots - Tic-Tac-Toe (1969 Sweden)

The Jackpots
Formed: 1963, Göteborg, Sweden. Disbanded: 1980. 
Also Known As: The Flintstones, Jack Pott & the Jackpots.
Members: Peter Winsnes (vocals), Roland Mattsson (guitar), Lars-Erik Göransson (guitar), Ulf Agervi (bass), Morgan Agervi (drums), Hans Sylwan (vocals), Conny Hagberg (bass, drums, vocals), Kristina Persson (vocals), Per Sjösten (piano), Thomas Johansson (drums), Bo Linnell (bass), Svenke Egnell (piano), Lasse Berntsson (vocals), Lasse Larsson (organ, piano, vocals), Kjell Arefjäll (drums)
Related Artists: The Apaches, Curt Borkmann & The Quartones, The Strangers, The Streaplers.


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