Sunday, September 23, 2018

Gary Farr & The T-Bones - Rare T-Bone

One of the many British R&B groups fighting for attention in 1964 and 1965, the T-Bones (not to be confused with the American group that had an instrumental hit in 1965 with "No Matter What Shape") were reared in the shadow of the Yardbirds, sharing their manager (Giorgio Gomelsky), taking over their residency at London's famed Marquee club, and confounding collectors when a picture of the Yardbirds appeared on a French T-Bones EP. A decent, energetic act, they lacked the interpretative vision of the Yardbirds and other major British bands on the R&B scene and, like so many of the era's groups, had virtually no songwriting acumen. Keith Emerson was briefly a member, and lead singer Gary Farr recorded some solo albums. Gomelsky licensed a lot of material by his former bands haphazardly all over the world, and the T-Bones were not spared, accounting for the availability of a lot of unissued material this extremely minor band recorded in the mid-'60s.


  1. I'm always wondering what you find in your collection. Thanks for your work with helping us to know more from this music era.



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