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The Defenders - Looking At You 1963-1968

Jens Henrik Dahl - Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar
Hans Klitgaard Larsen - Bass Guitar (in band: 1961 - 1963)
Peder Jelsbak - Lead guitar (in band: 1961 - Dec, 1963)
Ken Gudman - Drums (in band: 1961 - Dec, 1963; 1964 - 1967)
Flemming Knud Sørensen - Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1961 - Oct, 1967)
Rudolph Alexander Hanius Hansen - Bass Guitar (in band: 1963 -)
Jørgen Stig (in band: 1967 - 1968)
Benny Qvotrup - Drums (in band: Dec, 1963 - 1964)

Defenders were a beatgroup forned in Østerbro in Copenhagen in 1961 with the following mem- bers: Flemming Knud Sørensen, Peder Jelsbak, Jens Henrik Dahl, Hans Klitgaard Larsen , Ken Gudman.

 In 1962-63 they played locally, in places like Restaurant Cap Horn and Place Pigalle, inspired by Cliff Richards and The Shadows, and also 50`s rock, influenced by Flemming Sørensens love for Elvis Presley. Their first performance was in Restaurant Cap Horn where the the group got more work. In the summer of 1963 Defenders had a regular jog playing at Place Pigalle at Bakken.

Defenders reached the status as Denmarks most popular band in the years 1964-65. Defenders played a combination of r & and softer beat presented in a good spirited way. They performed nurmerous times on Danish and Swedish television. They also performed as a backingband for Gunilla Thom. Their greatest hit was the groups own composition, a sort of rock-cavalcade with lovingly ironic parodies of Stones, Hitmakers, Elvis and Defenders.

Defenders made their debut with new psychedelic style in Falkoner Centret in September 1967. In October Sørensen left and formed his own band Page One. Lead vocals were now sung by R. Hansen. Defenders kept on as a trio, and added Indian instruments to their sound, which can be heard at their only release as a trio. Defenders were finished as a band none the less, and called it quits in april 1968.


Defenders (1965)
Looking at You (1966)

Singles & EPs:

Don't Show Me Away (1964)
Mashed Potatoes (1965)
Walking The Dog (1965)
That´s My Baby (1965)
Wolly Bully (1965)
Sitting All Alone (1966)
Rolly Polly (1966)
Dear Mrs. Applebee (1966)
Der Er Lys I Lygten (1966)
Jeg Har Aldrig Fået Noget (1966)
I Can't Believe What You Say (1967) 

The Defenders - Looking At You 1963-1968 2 CD


  1. Good! This a real rock band. With the Danish Sharks before I was a bit worried :) but this one is a great group. Thank you, once more.

  2. I remember them from Danmarks Radio in the 60s,
    thanks for the memory


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