Sunday, September 02, 2018

Hans Edler - Remember The Sixties - Vol 3 (2016 Sweden)

Hans Edler (born in Björkhagen, Stockholm, Sweden on March 23, 1945) is a Swedish pop musician, record company manager and concert promoter. Edler came from a musical family. His mother was a music teacher and his grandfather was a folk musician from Jämtland. In the 1960s, he became a teen idol, when he played in the two bands Ghostriders, a pop band influenced by The Shadows, and We 4. In 1969, he signed for a three-year project Elektroakustisk Musik i Sverige (EMS) in Stockholm led by Knut Wiggen and Gunnel Lundholm. At the same time, he studied mathematics and become a music studio assistant, giving him many opportunities for experimenting with the various technologies available. His initial studio work appeared on his 1971 album Elektron Kukéso which he released on his own record label, Marilla. The music was created entirely with computers and other electronic equipment at EMS as a mixture of pop, psychedelics and electro-acoustic experiments. On top, Edler added his dark, often mournful songs. Finding critical acclaim and longevity, it has achieved cult status with fans. He has continued his musical career ever since, also managing other artists through his studio. In 2004, he released also Elektron Kukéso on the Boy Wonder Records label. In the 1980s, he had also released a series of disco hit covers entitled Jukebox Graffiti. In 2009, he released albums "Remember the Sixties", carving out a niche as a revivalist from the 1960s.


01 - Let's Think About Living
02 - Wonderful Land
03 - Pretty Woman
04 - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
05 - Do You Wanna Dance
06 - Pilpeline
07 - Corrine Corinna
08 - Black Fender
09 - I Saw Linda Yesterday
10 - Venus In Blue Jeans
11 - Our Favourite Melodies
12 - Suspicion
13 - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
14 - It'll Be Me
15 - Ghost Riders In The Sky
16 - Ginny Come Lately
17 - Lucky Lips
18 - Remember
19 - Da Doo Ron Ron


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