Saturday, April 20, 2019

Bill Haley And The Comets - Rock With Bill Haley And The Comets (Trans-World 1956)

Rock wth Bill Haley and the Comets is the title of an early rock and roll music compilation album issued by Essex Records (ESLP 202) in 1954, and featuring music by the titular group, Bill Haley & His Comets. The album features recordings made by Haley in 1952 and 1953, including his hits, "Rock the Joint" and "Crazy Man Crazy". The album is one of the earliest known LP releases of the rock and roll genre, predating similar releases by Elvis Presley and by Haley himself, as he and his band later went on to Decca Records and recorded "Rock Around the Clock".

All the songs on this album were previously released as singles under the Essex banner, including several that were originally released when the band used the name Bill Haley and the Saddlemen. The album does not include any of the tracks Haley and the Comets recorded in 1954 before moving to Decca, nor are any of the tracks from 1951-52 included that Haley recorded for Essex's sister label, Holiday Records (although later releases of Haley's Essex label work would later include these tracks).

Essex leased this album out to numerous other labels that subsequently issued it under their own brand. This includes Somerset Records, Paragon Records, Reo Records, Transworld, and Quality Records.

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